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Localization of sequence part(s)

If the localization of some parts of the query protein is known, then this option allows to lock this or these part(s). The prediction will be made using this restriction as conditional probabilities. The syntax of the localisation is the following: begin_pos-end_pos-type, where begin_pos and end_pos are the sequence numbers of the sequence piece wanted to localise, while type is a one letter code of the cell parts, where the sequence piece is localised (I: inside; i: inside-tail; H: transmembrane-helix; O: outside; o: outside-tail).

123-145-I           generates prediction where the sequence piece between
                    123 and 145 will be in the cytosol (inside).
10-45-O 156-E-I     generates prediction where the sequence pices between
                    10 and 45 will be outside AND from the residue 156 to the
                    C terminus will be inside.
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